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Terms and prices

Terms and prices for manufacturers and suppliers:


  • Translation of goods and promotion in 12 languages of the world

    • Professional sales tools
    • Additional sales channel
    • Development and uploading of your products to social networks and other promotion channels
    • Custom shipping for your items - you customize it for each country or region
    • Full control over goods and much more...

    General Conditions for sellers:

    • Advertising profiles are strictly FORBIDDEN , such profiles will not be allowed to be published
    • Correct and reliable filling of profiles and goods of sellers is mandatory filling rules here
    • The display of prohibited goods is strictly prohibited , according to the laws of the countries where you sell goods
    • Quick response to your orders
    • Act in accordance with the agreement with the site download in Word format from the link

    violation of the rules leads to sanctions from the Site Administration, up to blocking

    Tariff plans:

    Tariff plan
    Tariff Description
    Available items 1 00 pcs
    Sales commission 15 % *
    Listing fee 0% **
    Registration fee 0r. ***


    Available items 300 pcs
    Sales commission 13 % *
    Listing fee 5000 + 1% % **
    Registration fee 5000 rubles. ***


    Available items 1000 pcs
    Sales commission 11 % *
    Listing fee 15 000 rub. + 1 % **
    Registration fee 15000 rub. ***


    Available quantity of goods 5000 pcs
    Sales commission 9 % *
    Listing fee 35000 rub +1% **
    Registration fee 35000 rub. ***

    Individual tariff is selected individually upon request

    * The commission is calculated automatically when the product is sold

    ** Listing fee is a fee for promoting your products across all channels

    *** Registration fee is the fee for registering on the site

    Do you have any questions? please contact us in a convenient way, page " Contacts "