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Rules for filling out seller profiles

Rules for filling out profiles and products, setting up a seller:

Rules for filling out the seller's profile:

  • The name of the seller should not carry advertising : example "joint purchases" and so on, sellers with similar names will be blocked, the name of the seller can be English letters or Russian
  • Fill in all fields reliably and completely, only in this case your seller will receive loyalty from buyers and the Administration
  • Add a logo and banner for the visual look of the store
  • Fill in a detailed description about the company, this adds customer loyalty to you
  • If there are social networks, add links to them at the bottom of the profile

Product filling rules:

  • The name of the product should not carry advertising , this will be strictly monitored and blocked
  • Add the main photo in the "Image" block, if there is no product photo or replaced with someone else's photo, this product will be blocked
  • Describe the product in more detail, the better, links to your resource in the description are prohibited, a description of a generalizing nature, with the content of advertising calls, will be blocked
  • The price of the product must not be equal to 0r
  • Quantity must not be 0, if it is 0 it will be " out of stock "
  • The minimum quantity for ordering this product, from 1pc
  • The product category has 3 levels, please fill in the closest one, in the absence of the required one, add
  • Manufacturer is the manufacturer's brand, for example "Chanel"
  • Specify item size (L x W x H)
  • The " Weight " field must be filled in MANDATORY , the calculation of the delivery of your goods depends on this, if it is not filled out, the delivery will be equal to 0r
  • Attributes are product characteristics, country of manufacture, computer memory size, etc., they are displayed in the product card to the right of the photo, you can add them ready-made or create your own
  • Options is the type of product, for example, the size of the T-shirt: L XL XXL, etc., these options are displayed above the buy button and allow you to choose when buying.
  • The promotion is a temporary discount on the product, you can "Promotion price" and select the validity period
  • Quantity discounts are purchase prices that depend on the quantity of the purchased item, for example, when buying from 5 pieces, the price is less than when buying 1 piece.
  • Delivery of goods in the product card is an individual delivery and the price for it for this product, the description of the delivery settings will be below...
  • The image can be added from 1 to 5 pieces - the first one will be the main one, all the rest are additional ones, attention: do not upload huge images for your products, large product sizes are absolutely not needed, they can be loaded more slowly

Rules for filling out the Seller Settings:

  • The account must be filled in by default, the data is taken during registration
  • Fill in the address of the store or company in full (not published), this is required for document management or other purposes of working with the site
  • In the payments tab, enter the PayPal address, this is not necessary, but it is desirable when working with the platform, the system of payments to the PayPal account is integrated here, in the future we will add more familiar methods

The Delivery field (these settings apply to all your seller's products) is displayed under each product in the " Shipping " tab

Specify the country of departure: for example, Russia, as well as the processing time for the order, for example 3 days

  • Be sure to add delivery methods, otherwise your goods will not be able to be ordered, it will be written at checkout that it is not possible to deliver
  • Delivery is constructed by "Destination" if you work only in Russia, Russia should be selected here, delivery to the CIS and around the world is also available, in the absence of a separate country for delivery, we will add on request
  • Delivery method Choose from the list, for example, Sdek transport or Russian Post, if there is no desired method, we will add it on request
  • Delivery time, choose from the list, an example of 10-15 days
  • Set the delivery weight in kilograms , for example, a parcel by mail, the available weight is from 0-20 kg, when ordering from 20 kg, this method will not be available when ordering. I remind you: the data is taken from the product card, the value is "Weight" , if the value is empty, the delivery will be equal to 0 .
  • Fixed price + per unit of weight - the delivery price is indicated here, for example: the post office carries 1 kg of weight for 200 rubles, each subsequent kilogram + 100 rubles, in total, when delivered via mail 2 kg, the client will pay 300 rubles for delivery.