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Propolis or bee glue is produced by bees from resinous aromatic substances - tree buds. With the help of propolis, bees close up gaps in the hives, thereby protecting their families from the cold, viruses, fungi and pathogens.

In folk medicine, since ancient times, propolis has been used both externally and internally.


Alcohol tincture of propolis

Mix alcohol 70% with 20 grams of propolis, washed and grated, in a glass jar, close with an iron lid, put in a dark place, leave for 2 weeks.

For ulcers, it is recommended to take 40 drops of propolis tincture diluted in half a glass of water three times a day before meals. For gastritis, reduce the dose to 15 drops.

For sinusitis, rinse the nose with 5% tincture of propos through the nostrils in turn. At the same time, this solution is taken orally 2 tsp 3 times a day before meals.

For toothache, sore throat, rinse, for pneumonia, we recommend inhalation.

Water tincture of propolis.

Pour boiled water into a glass container and add prepared propolis in a ratio of 1:2. Then heat the solution in a water bath and let it brew for 6 hours.

We recommend the tincture for oncology, at the stages of irradiation.

Propolis honey.

Honey with propolis is prepared in a water bath. When propolis 10 grams melt, add 100 grams of honey. Stirring constantly, wait until the mass becomes homogeneous.

To taste Propolis honey has a balsamic smell.

We also recommend that Propolis honey be added to tea or milk for colds and flu.


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