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about the project

What are the goals of this project? We are pursuing a single goal, uniting sellers and buyers in Russia and the World, current prices for goods, without unreasonable markups, without numerous intermediaries who only multiply the cost of the price of goods, we said NO to all this. We also launched and follow the policy of safe online shopping, as a lot of dishonest people have divorced, who are only eager to deceive someone in order to get rich quick. As you might guess, this is a trading platform and there are not only sellers of the Site Administration, at the moment there are 3 of them: SIBBUY, Altai Honey, Fevronia, all these sellers are ours, and you can be sure of the honesty of these sellers.

Organization LLC Sibbey

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Settlement account 40702.810.4.02000033912

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Corr. Account 30101.810.2.00000000604

630083, Novosibirsk region, Novosibirsk, Bolshevitskaya street 131-404