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Honey and products

Honey and products

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Balm "Relief"

Balm with a cooling effect. Prevention of colds and flu. Ingredients: eucalyptus oil, camphor, menth..

200 р.

bee subpestilence

Dead bees - a collection of bodies of bees that died naturally. In the body of a dead insect, elemen..

100 р.

Cream honey

Cream honey is a food product obtained in the process of beating natural honey. This is a unique and..

500 р.

Cream wax for hands and nails

Ingredients: wax, aloe, tea tree oil Prevention of brittleness and delamination of the nail Moisturi..

100 р.

Herbal tea "Healthy heart"

For cleaning blood vessels from cholesterol and strengthening the walls of the heart. Ingredients: m..

75 р.

Herbal tea "Immune"

Composition: Ivan-tea, marshmallow, echinacea, oregano, St...

75 р.

Honey assortment

A set of 4 varieties of honey from light to dark: Donnikovy field Floral forest Mountain forbs Buckw..

350 р.

Ointment "Zazhivlyayka"

Ingredients: propolis, cedar resin, dead bees Healing of wounds and burns Relieve itching from insec..

150 р.

Perga granulated

Bee pollen is pollen collected by bees from flowers of plants, folded and rammed into honeycombs, fi..

150 р.


Propolis or bee glue is produced by bees from resinous aromatic substances - tree buds. With the hel..

100 р.

upland uterus

Strengthening the cardiovascular system, prevention of coronary heart disease, normalizes blood pres..

100 р.


Zabrus - signet from bee honeycombs. Zabrus is chewed like chewing gum until the sweet taste disappe..

100 р.